Individual Courses in Jewelry Making:
Silversmithing, Goldsmithing, Stone Setting and More

Have you ever been interested in learning how to make jewelry?
I offer individual, one-on-one courses in which I introduce you to the fundamental techniques of metalsmithing for jewelry:
design and layout, cutting, forming, soldering, polishing, stone setting, and more...
rawhide hammer used to shape precious metals preparing a bracelet with sandpaper close-up of soldering a ring with an oxygen-gas torch setting a very small stone by hand

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn basic and advanced jewelry making skills at your own pace, with the undivided attention of the instructor!
I never take more than one student at a time and can tailor the content of the course to meet your specific interests.

student working at my bench You will be working at my bench and using the same tools and equipment that I use for everything that I make.
I will personally guide you through every step of the process of fabricating jewelry in precious metals. Very few jewelry schools can offer this kind of individual instruction!
student learning to solder

Courses and Rates

3-Day Introduction:
465 euro
This course is structured around the creation of a basic piece of jewelry, either a ring or a pendant. This is the ideal introduction for someone to get a sense of what's involved in the art of silversmithing; techniques covered include design and layout, sawing, filing, soldering, pre-finishing, and polishing, as well as the proper use and maintenance of bench tools and equipment.

Over the course of three days we will spend fifteen to twenty hours completing a piece of finished silver jewelry that you will be able to wear home.  Each process is first demonstrated by me and tested by you on a 'learning' version of your design, and once you are comfortable with the technique, you carry it out under close supervision on your actual piece. 

The cost of all materials is included in the price of the Introduction course!

Individual Instruction:
25 euro/hour
For continuing beyond the Introductory course, or for individuals who have some experience and are interested in taking their jewelry making to the next level, I provide one-on-one direct instruction in a variety of specific techniques. 

If you would like to incorporate stone-setting, advanced forming and fabrication techniques, decorative finishes, the use of gold and mixed metals, or the fabrication of your own findings, I will design a short or long course based on learning and refining the techniques, rather than completing finished pieces.  For example, I can help you to refine designs you are already by incorporating handmade findings and soldered joints.

The cost of materials (silver, gold, gemstones, etc.) are not included in the hourly rate for individual instruction. 
You may bring your own materials or I am able to provide materials at market cost.

Intensive Courses:
850 euro per week
3200 euro per month
If you are interested in a more formalized and comprehensive style of training, please contact me for availability regarding longer courses. There are several excellent jewelry schools in Florence, but I am offering a different kind of experience: day in and day out at the bench of a working jeweler.  No school can offer the kind of individualized attention that you will have as my private student.  This is a unique opportunity to acquire a foundation of knowledge and skills in one of the greatest jewelry cities in the world. 

In addition to the skills outlined above, I will teach you everything I've learned from my years working at all levels of the jewelry trade, from commercial silver jewelry retail to platinum and diamong wedding boutiques.  Learn about the different levels and sectors of the jewelry market, designers and lines, how to take pieces into production, and the similarities and differences between designers, bench jewelers, and the art jewelry movement. 

For intensive courses you may bring your own hand tools, use mine, or acquire them here. I can also help you with locating rental accomodations close to the studio and with finding your way around daily life in Florence while you are here. 

If you are considering an intensive course, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.  What I offer is different from what's available at the various jewelry schools here, and I can help you decide which of the many jewelry programs in Florence is the best match for your interests and goals.

for more information or to arrange courses please email

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