About the Artist: Zachary Androus

I was born and raised in the United States in Alexandria, Virginia on the beautiful and historic Potomac River. I was trained as an anthropologist at the University of Montana and American University and have taught anthropology at colleges in the United States and Italy. When I completed my Master's degree I felt torn between anthropology and jewelry and asked a professor his opinion on whether I should pursue a career as an anthropologist or a jeweler. "You should do both" came his reply, and since then I have been striving to do just that. In 2004 I began dividing my time between the US and Italy and moved to Florence in 2006. After maintaining studios in both the Santo Spirito and San Niccolo districts, I now work from a home studio in the historic center, quite close to the Duomo.

My work is at once contemporary and traditional. Excellence in detail is very important to me; my jewelry is wearable art, but I never sacrifice the wearability for the sake of the art, which means I design and fabricate my pieces to be comfortable and durable as well as beautiful and unique. I design every piece of jewelry myself and I fabricate every piece of jewelry entirely be hand. When a piece must be cast I carve the wax by hand and if I make a mold to reproduce a piece I do so in a numbered, limited edition. I use sterling silver and 18 karat gold exclusively and all gemstones are natural and undyed. I am especially fond of rare and unusual stones and often design pieces around unique and unusual ones.

I can ship jewelry anywhere of course, but if you are in Florence please contact me and we can arrange to meet at my studio.

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